What is an mtDNA (Mitochondrial DNA) Test?

An mtDNA DNA test is used to support or disprove a direct maternal connection between 2 or more participants, whether a female or a male.

How is an mtDNA Test Used?

Maternal Lineage

This type of test is also known as a maternal lineage test and can support or disprove your relationship to another tested party through the maternal/female line. It can also provide additional information for situations where maternity is in question, but the mother is unavailable for a maternity test.

With an mtDNA test, maternity itself can’t be determined. What is determined is the person’s relationship to a possible maternal relative. We can either send you a testing kit to collect your own DNA samples at home or if your testing has legal implications, we can use the Chain of Custody collection process where your samples will be taken by a trained professional in one of our convenient local Service Centers.

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mtDNA Test Cost

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mtDNA Testing Used in Genetic Genealogy

Maternal DNA Testing

Genetic Genealogy DNA test results provide an ancient picture of your family and trace your geographical roots back several thousands of years by determining your genetic haplogroup which in turn can show the migration pattern that your ancestors followed many thousands of years ago.

An mtDNA test provides scientific confirmation of more recent relationships, like identifying a possible relative and wanting to confirm your relationship. The mtDNA test will tell you whether or not your mtDNA sequences are consistent or not consistent with the conclusion that you and the possible relative may be related through a common female ancestor.