What is a Grandparentage DNA Test?

GrandparentageA DNA grandparentage test determines whether a couple could be the biological grandparents of a child. It is an indirect way to determine family relationships when an alleged father is not available for a paternity test.

In this test, the child’s DNA profile is compared with the DNA profiles of the alleged father’s biological parents. Since a child inherits half of its DNA from the mother (maternal side) and half from the father (paternal side), the paternal half should match DNA passed down from the alleged grandparents. The mother’s participation is encouraged to expedite analysis; motherless grandparentage tests take longer to complete because of the extended analysis required.

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How are Grandparentage DNA Tests Used?


Grandparentage test results may be used as proof in Social Security benefit and other inheritance claims as well as in some immigration cases. It is important that you contact us at (800) 927-1635 to discuss your specific situation with a knowledgeable case manager.

Grandparentage DNA Test Fee

Please call one of our knowledgeable and helpful Case Coordinators to get the best price.  Each Grandparentage DNA case is unique and prices vary.  The mother is encouraged to participate as this results in a less expensive test and a stronger result.

Turnaround Time For a Grandparentage DNA Test

Turnaround time for a standard grandparentage DNA test is 5 business days from the date that the samples are received at the lab.  Additional time may be required in certain circumstances.