Garnishing your Bank Account

A creditor begins the garnishment of the banking account by serving the financial institution having a “Garnishment Summons.” The lender will likely then freeze a adequate sum of money in your bank account to cover your debt to your creditor. That you complete and return the necessary paperwork on time if you are epgible for and wish to claim an exemption, it is important.

Exactly what do we expect if my payday money center fees banking account is garnished?

Within 2 days of receiving the Garnishment Summons, the lender should deliver you a garnishment notice, directions and two copies of a “Exemption Form.” You will not get notice for the garnishment until after your funds are frozen. You will don’t you have your funds as they are frozen. This could imply that your checks may jump, and you will incur charges that are overdraft this time around.

When is my bank account exempt from garnishment?

Some funds in your money might be exempt from garnishment. The Exemption Form will pst the groups which will make your bank-account exempt from garnishment. Continue reading