Fans have already been keeping down a cure for another episode that is musical their most favorite characters breaking down into song. Aguirre-Sacasa confirmed that you will have another musical episode, just like the people they’ve carried out in the last with Carrie and Heathers: The Musical. He also unveiled that the Archies will finally be visiting life, with Archie, Veronica, Betty, and Jughead coming together in A battle that is special of Bands episode.

You will see a Halloween episode.

The cast had been excited to generally share the show’s Halloween episode, that will be the time that is first show will commemorate the break on-screen. The figures would be putting on a costume when it comes to event, with Aguirre-Sacasa exposing they are presently hoping to get authorization to possess them dress as some DC superheroes. Betty could have a fun storyline as she provides treats to trick-or-treaters at her household. Meanwhile, Cheryl will surely be into the character and it surely will be an episode that is big her which will incorporate a loss of a character.

Jughead’s brand brand new college will play a giant part.

The mystery that is big this year will need to do with Jughead’s brand brand new prep college, Stonewall, who can be a huge rival to Riverdale tall. The 2 schools is going to be going mind to mind in a large soccer game which will truly begin several things. Plus, Jughead will try to determine what exactly is actually heading down while he uncovers the secrets of Stonewall. Additionally, Mad puppy’s genuine title will finally be revealed and may have a more impressive relationship with Archie.

Prepare yourself to meet up some brand name characters that are new!

brand brand New college means classmates that are new. You will see an abundance of new figures to satisfy whenever Jughead begins at their school that is new and completely new young ones begin at Riverdale tall. While Aguirre-Sacasa did not state which of our comics that are favorite will finally be joining the show, he did state that you will have a lot of brand brand new faces joining the cast.

Your favorite ships will be starting strong.

All the actors confirmed that Choni, Bughead, and Varchie it’s still going strong as soon as the year begins. While Varchie will undoubtedly be coping with the increasing loss of Fred Andrews and Veronica’s newfound freedom, Bughead shall have to work out how to carry on their relationship while just seeing one another in the weekends. “Distance makes the heart develop fonder,” Cole Sprouse told the audience. Plus, using the finding of these half-brother that is new will surely shake things up for Betty and Jughead.

Choni will even remain together, but Madelaine did mention that a number of Cheryl’s secrets should be developing soon and perhaps shaking things up.

You will have a Katy Keene crossover.

While fans have now been longing for a Chilling Adventures of Sabrina crossover with Riverdale, it appears to be like a number of the figures may be heading to NYC for a Katy Keene crossover. Since Katy Keene happens in the foreseeable future, there is a chance that is good are certain to get to see their most favorite figures years after graduating Riverdale tall.

Have actually they began filming?

Yes! They have by tweeting, “Back in Vancouver though it hasn’t been officially confirmed, Lili hinted. Can’t believe we’re season that is starting. #riverdale.” The show is scheduled to come back into the CW on 9 october.

Back Vancouver. Can’t believe we’re season that is starting. #riverdale 🤪

Will they finally address Fred Andrews’ departure?

Riverdale’s creator, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, unveiled that the premiere episode of period four are going to be a tribute into the belated Luke Perry. Roberto posted the episode’s script address web web web page on Instagram, writing, “the most episode that is important ofRiverdale we’ll try this 12 months, or even ever. A tribute to your dropped buddy. Thankful with this chance to honor Luke & Fred.”