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african mother and baby girlYou Can Prove Who the Father Is!

As a new mother (even if you’re just expecting), everything changes: your body, your finances, your priorities. This emotional time can be complicated by a father who won’t own up to his responsibilities. It’s even possible that he’s accusing you of falsely accusing him. Generally, as the mother, you know the truth of who your child’s father is and simply find yourself in need of proof to help you provide for your child’s needs. If there is a question of who the father is, we can help you with that too.

But We Were Safe!

You’ve probably heard him argue, “But we were safe!” It’s not uncommon for an alleged father to try to deny responsibility by arguing this point. You should remind him that while practicing “safe” sex is always a good idea, it only goes so far toward preventing pregnancy. You may even find yourself explaining to him that all forms of contraception (including sterilization) have some rate of effective failure. Those failure rates range from .05% (implants) to 28% (spermicide),* so him arguing that you were “safe” won’t get him very far.

Your Child Deserves Financial Support!

Raising a child is an expensive endeavor and can be difficult as a single mother. Your child deserves the financial support of both parents! If you are seeking child support and the child’s father is denying responsibility, you may need a legal paternity test to establish his financial obligation beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Studio Portrait Of Mother With Young Baby BoyFind Peace of Mind!

Making the choice to move forward with paternity testing can bring peace of mind to you and your family. It will also grant you the ability to establish an accurate medical history for your child. Proving paternity doesn’t necessarily have to change anything unless you want it to. It does, however, give you and the child’s father the opportunity to make decisions based on solid proof. With DNA Services of America, you can find the peace of mind that comes with proven facts.

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Get The Test You Need in 3 Simple Steps

Get The Test Need in 3 Simple Steps
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