Home DNA Test Kit allows you to collect your own DNA samples using a buccal (cheek) swab.  Once the DNA samples have been collected you must send them back to the company for lab processing.  If you are unsure about whether you will ever need the DNA test results for legal reasons or you are uncomfortable with the task of collecting your own DNA sample then you should consider a Legal DNA test.  Unlike a Home DNA test, a Legal DNA test follows a strict “chain of custody” process whereby the DNA samples are collected and submitted to the lab by an independent third party so that the names of the test participants can be included on the lab report.

When you choose to go with a Home DNA test it is important to consider the question of potential future need.  Any test result obtained from a Home DNA kit will not be acceptable in any legal proceeding including paternity and immigration.  Therefore when in doubt, always choose a Legal DNA test in order to perserve your investment and provide the ultimate peace of mind that a DNA test can provide.

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