What if there was a test that could tell you if your child had the potential to be a world class athlete?  A biosciences company out of Colorado is now selling a DNA Test that can detect the ACTN-three gene.  This is the gene which is behind the “fast-twitch” muscles that world class athletes are said to have.  It is claimed that the absence of the gene means that the child might be better suited for endurance sports, while children with the gene might be better suited for contact sports. Kids that have a little bit of the gene, can play just about any sport.

How many times have we seen parents yelling at their kids at their sporting events because they struck out in their baseball game, missed a tackle in a football game or got beat in a swim meet?  If parents think their kids should be good at certain sports because of this test, what is going to happen to the morale of some of these kids?  It’s not just the absence or inclusion of a gene that determines if someone is going to be good at something.  Being good at something takes years of practice, focus and brains…..yes, brains.  Why is it that the professional sports leagues make you take an aptitude test.  You could be the strongest and fastest athlete around, but if you can’t think your way through a simple problem, nobody’s gonna give you a shot.

While this DNA Test may be able to let parents know if their kid has potential, there is no DNA Test for brains.

Here’s to ensuring that the decendents of kids who get picked last in PE class at school will get picked last till the end of time.