It’s almost a religious belief for the Vietnamese, so they’re very strict to this concept. She was told that she would be going elsewhere to “find another husband”. The woman left the house and returned to Quzhou to file a police report. Jinghua Daily reported that at least one bride subsequently returned.

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Picking out the right and suitable life partner can take a long time. First, you select a candidate, then you definitely try to get to recognize her, communicate and, often , separation. Subsequently, you are doing exactly the same thing with the next girl, and the years get past and over again. While traveling to Vietnam, you will recognize that the hair styles of local women change depending on the region of the country.

The bianmaore (border-trade fever) was clearly apparent in many border communities that I visited. More and more new Border Trade Zones had been built or were under construction with investment from either invested governments or transnational economic entities. Legendary stories about people making big money through border trade circulated widely.

Global Times reported a case in which by the time a dithering man had settled on a girl, she’d married someone else. HO CHI MINH CITY – She met her future husband at a downtown cafeteria, but even that beginning was shorn of romance. Li, just 17, had been practically dragged there by her mother, who had decided to marry her off to a Taiwanese stranger – in exchange for US$3,500. The newly-weds were soon off to Taiwan, where Li tried to play wife to her 50-year-old husband.

Hence the majority of translators for border trades are women . Over the course of my fieldwork in border communities, I found that people there were not only used to the unsystematic development but also acted to maintain the somewhat chaotic situations. Thus, there was an intricate balance and management of chaos and stability, and many people’s ultimate goal was to zhuanqian (make money). As local people vividly expressed it, “luanshi chu yingxiong” . The China-Vietnam border is currently experiencing rapid modernization. With the development and prosperity of cross-border trade, business, and tourism, large numbers of people flow to the border areas to seek opportunities.

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