Specialty “Forensic medical examination” (residency)

Degree: Medical Forensic Expert

The most common admission exams are:

The entrance exam program is provided by the university.


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To solve a crime related to the death of a person, law enforcement agencies cannot do without a specialist in forensic medical examination. His competence includes determining the time, causes, circumstances of death, the instrument of the crime. If the deceased person cannot be identified, then this problem is also solved by the forensic scientist using special research methods.

A forensic specialist is consulted to determine the severity of injuries sustained as a result of violent acts by one person or group of persons. On the basis of the opinion issued by the expert, the article of the Criminal Code is determined, the perpetrator is brought to justice.

Conditions of admission

To obtain the specialty of a forensic medical expert, you must first enter a medical university, after 6 years, complete your studies, having successfully passed the state certification.

After that, you can enter the residency. The question “what subjects to take” is not relevant in this case – the entrance examination program is provided by the university.

Future profession

The forensic expert conducts a forensic medical examination of living people who have been subjected to illegal actions, as a result of which injuries were received; people who died as a result of accidents, violent acts, unclear and doubtful deaths. The identification of the deceased person is entirely the prerogative of the medical examiner. This work is especially necessary during disasters with a large number of human casualties. The conclusion of a specialist is a very important document – the life of the suspect and the result of the trial may depend on its content.

Where to go

If you have already decided who you will work for, then the specialty of a forensic scientist can be obtained at universities in Moscow and other cities of Russia:

Russian National Research Medical University. N.I. Pirogov;Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia;Northwestern State Medical University named after I.I. Mechnikov;St. Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University;Tyumen State Medical Academy;Irkutsk State Medical University.

Training period

Residency training in the specialty 31.08.10 “Forensic medical examination” takes place only in person and lasts 2 years. It ends with a state final certification in the form of an exam.

Studied disciplines

The main subjects studied in the specialty:

forensic medical examination of victims, accused and other persons;types of injuries and their features (automobile, motorcycle and bicycle, aviation, sports, injury from rail transport);health disorders and death from the action of electricity, from changes in atmospheric pressure, from the action of radiant energy, from poisoning;health disorder and death from respiratory failure caused by mechanical obstacles, drowning and sudden death;forensic examination of a corpse (accidents, sudden death);forensic medical issues of neonatology;microscopic examination of objects of forensic medical examination;medico-forensic methods of examination of objects of examination;forensic medical examination based on materials of investigative and court cases;forensic histology;emergency medicine.

The training program includes a simulation course, during which residents acquire the skills necessary for conducting forensic examinations and physical evidence. Practice in forensic medical institutions is mandatory.

Acquired competencies

The main skills and abilities acquired in the training process are:

establishing the fact, time, cause of death;assistance to the investigator in examining the corpse at the scene;research using special methods;analysis of the circumstances of the incident, the necessary documentation;expert work during extreme situations;diagnostics of injuries, severity of injuries;methodology for the examination of adverse treatment outcomes in civil and https://123helpme.me/hero-essay-example/ criminal cases;preparation of expert opinions.

Job prospects by profession

Specialists who completed their residency in the specialty 31.08.10 “Forensic medical examination” receive the profession of a doctor, but work in bureaus or centers of forensic medical examination. These are independent state institutions in the health care system, but which carry out forensic medical examination by order of law enforcement agencies. The salary, like that of all employees of budgetary organizations, is low, from 25,000 to 40,000 rubles. But there are bonuses in the form of additional payments for harm, an additional 2 weeks of vacation.

The benefits of professional development

You can continue your studies in the specialty “Forensic medical examination” in graduate school (full-time or part-time). The result of training should be the defense of scientific work. The conferment of the scientific degree of candidate of medical sciences opens the way for further research activities in a research institution or its combination with teaching at universities.


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