Sky Bet End Affiliate Programme As Regulatory Pressure Mounts

It is a side of the gambling industry that not many people will be aware of, but affiliate marketing is big business when it comes to the world, and especially when it comes to betting. As we can see, the online gambling industry in the UK is providing an increasingly challenging market for affiliates, and particularly those who are new to the sector.

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If you are looking to become part of one of the best gambling affiliate programs then you need to make sure that the operator with whom you wish to affiliate looks after its customers. This does not just mean making sure that they encrypt all data and keep financial transactions secure, but also that they protect their customers from falling prey to compulsive or addictive patterns of behaviour. When it comes to generating revenue for yourself from the affiliation partnership you need to check that the operator is being fair with you. There are two types of revenue arrangement that are generally used by affiliates.

We’ve a huge high street presence with an increasing share of online gaming activity. We make sure they know their limits and we work with them to make sure everyone enjoys our products and services responsibly. Running gambling affiliate programs without marketing may make things not to work out. The channels have a large number of users who may need the product or service you are promoting. It will also make you popular hence making you earn better like other affiliates.

Building an affiliate site around Bitcoin casinos may prove to be particularly effective in the months ahead, for example, while those with a sports betting focus may also want to consider creating content relating to eSports wagering. As a result, affiliates have become increasingly focused on the development of creative and engaging content for users, including long-form pieces such as game reviews, sports betting tips and the very latest industry news. To participate in promoting these gambling affiliate programs, you have to look at the countries or regions which the different campaigns or gambling brands are directed or targeted. Some affiliate network options are country-specific and not global campaigns. So make sure you check out all the details of each affiliate network you consider before deciding that it is a good fit for your marketing campaign.

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Apart from making money through promoting these types of websites, you will also have other options that have to do with directly promoting these pages to attract other gambling affiliates. Most gambling operators out there will offer some kind of affiliate program that you can become part of. You need to assess which of the many brand names out there suits your content.

One is where you and the operator have a long term relationship where you receive a percentage of all the money spent at the operator’s site by players that you refer. Percentages vary for this, but they usually work out at between 25% and 45% in the best gambling affiliate programs. As long as those players keep playing, you will continue to receive commission. If you’re planning on becoming an affiliate then you need to know how to identify what the best gambling affiliate programs look like.

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You can find out more about the brand identity of various operators by checking out our reviews here at The Future For Affiliates The role of marketing affiliates in the world of online gambling has been central to success in that sector for a number of years. However, with new advertising rules popping up across Europe, and the US market developing at pace, the role of the affiliate has never been more complex. But the sometimes fractious relationship between operator and affiliate remains central to the industry. You can embed the code in any web publications or affiliate marketing promotions you organise.

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You could create a dedicated landing page for new recruits to the affiliate program and dedicate yourself to promoting it just to attract new affiliates for a chosen website. As you can see, gambling affiliate sites are an important part of the way that the gambling industry operates these days. The best gambling affiliate programs allow you to generate revenue by directing customer to gambling operators. You can find many of the best operators by checking out our guides here at Our articles and guides are packed with the kind of intelligent and well-informed details that can help you pick the best affiliates for you. So why do betting operators, who make such huge profits anyway, need affiliates?

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We will take a closer look at how you can spot the right sort of operator with which to affiliate here. As with anything related to online gambling, it is always best to find operators that are transparent and honest about what they can offer you. Our guide articles can help you spot the right gambling affiliate sites for you, and remove a lot of the effort of researching the topic for you. They can help you spot which operators’ brands fit the type of content you want to create, as well as identify which operators have the fairest revenue share arrangements.

Well, the best gambling affiliate programs are a great way of replenishing player numbers. Sometimes they just get bored, or they open an account with another operator. Sometimes, they might be too successful and have their account limited by an operator, or they stop gambling entirely. If you are unfamiliar with gambling affiliate sites then the first thing that you need is a clear definition of what they are. Gambling affiliate programs are an important method for operators to generate revenue from the gambling industry, and they work in tandem with major gambling operators such as online bookmakers. Our portfolio of sports betting and gaming companies includes some of the most well-known brands in the industry, such as Ladbrokes, bwin, and Coral.

From bingo sites to live casinos to football betting – each operator has its own particular speciality that relates to the audience it is hoping to attract. Now that you know a little bit more about gambling affiliate sites you can check out some of our more specialised guides here at If you’re interested in how specific kinds of gambling affiliate programs work then you might want to read our guide to casino affiliates, or perhaps how affiliates work when it comes to sports betting. If you have a website that deals with gambling, sports betting, gaming or related topics, then gambling or sports betting affiliate programs or even bingo affiliate programs can be a good marketing platform to consider. Most affiliate programs pay you a percentage based on your accumulated referrals month by month. For your affiliation to be a success, your content needs to match the brand with which you are affiliating. There is little point in developing relationships with gambling affiliate sites that specialise in bingo and aim at best gambling affiliate programs a middle-aged female demographic if you run a blog that features tips about betting on American sports betting.