In the event that you booked your journey on Volaris, please find your case costs from the Volaris site.

Bag Alternatives

All you need to realize about how to travel along with your material.

Carry-On Sizes

Examined Bag Sizes

Length + Width + Depth

Private Item Sizes

Just A Little Blue Bird Said.

Would you like to log on to the plane first? You receive Zone 1 boarding whenever you obtain a carry-on case!

Bag Check-In

For domestic routes you need to be examined in with your luggage no later on than 45 moments before departure and 60 mins before departure for worldwide routes!

Extra Bag Information

Carry-on bags is no bigger than 24″H, 16″W, 10″D (including handles, tires, and straps) no heavier than 35 pounds. Carry-on bags must easily fit into the overhead bin. Carry-on bag costs differ considering once you buy and they are non-refundable.

FRONTIER Miles Elite users and people whom bought THE WORKSв„  constantly get a totally free carry-on case along with their individual item.

Note: you will have an additional charge to gate check the bag if you arrive at the gate with a carry-on bag that exceeds the allowable dimensions.

Other Carry-On Belongings

Coats, diaper bags when vacationing with a baby, canes, crutches, Portable Oxygen Concentrators, respiratory devices or other assistive products, and base rugs to be used during prayer are typical liberated to keep on as well as your one individual product.

Prohibited Products

Don’t bring weapons (or something that might be utilized as a tool or even to inflict harm that is bodily, explosives, or incendiaries. Review an inventory supplied by the TSA of permitted and prohibited things that could be contained in carry-on luggage like the 3-1-1 Liquids Rule.

Examined Luggage

General Verified Bag Information

During your flight, check it if you have a bag (or multiple bags) that you don’t need to have close to you!

Checked bags must certanly be within 62 linear ins (that’s length + width depth that is + with no heavier than 50 pounds. Luggage that goes during these limitations will soon be charged an extra $75 for surpassing fat and an extra $75 for exceeding linear inches restrictions. Bags won’t be accepted in case it is over 100 lbs* and/or over 110 linear ins. FRONTIER Miles Award Redemption Tickets have the baggage allowance that is same.

Passengers whom purchased the WORKSв„  always get a free bag that is checked. Checked bag costs differ centered on whenever you buy and costs are non-refundable.

How about case inspections?

Security is often a priority that is top and all sorts of luggage is susceptible to examination by safety (TSA) or Frontier workers.

Just just What should never we pack in my own case?

Make sure to maybe not secure your bags, while they should certainly be exposed effortlessly for the inspection that is quick. Also, we advice you do not pack money, electronic devices, precious precious precious jewelry, notebook computers, medicines, crucial papers or automobile secrets in your checked baggage— simply to be safe. Except where needed underneath the Montreal Convention, Frontier is certainly not accountable for the mentioned products them and they are damaged or your luggage is lost if you pack.

We don’t allow free lithium ion batteries or e-cigarettes.

Whenever can bags be checked?

You should check your bags up to couple of hours ahead of your departure, which means you have enough time to flake out during the airport.

Note: For domestic routes both you and your luggage must o be checked later on than 45 moments before your departure and 60 mins before departure for worldwide routes.

* Limited to 70lbs whenever traveling to or from Canada.

Sports Gear & Special Items

General special things information

We realize that our tourists frequently fly with over socks and a brush.

For any such thing that won’t fit in your suitcase or requires unique managing, please view displaying Equipment & Special/Fragile Items PDF for a dysfunction of tips on how to travel with various products.

The rules that are regular carry-on and checked luggage — like measurements and price— connect with everything here unless otherwise noted.

Firearms & Ammunition

General firearms and ammo information

Frontier Airlines takes the transport of firearms and ammo really really.

We think there clearly was a balance that is perfect observing your right being a resident and maintaining everyone else safe at airports as well as on routes. Then you’ll surely recognize our rules if you’re familiar with the security requirements and checking firearms and ammunition. In the event that you aren’t acquainted with how it functions, here are ten simple rules you need to follow.

To find out more, here please click.

Damaged & Lost Baggage

General lost and damaged case information

You wish it never takes place, however it’s better to prepare yourself if it can. It’s our duty to deal with your possessions, and we also don’t go on it gently. Frontier Airlines is 100% focused on assisting during these circumstances.

In case the bags are damaged or usually do not show up in which you are doing, make sure to report it (whether or not it’s damaged or lost) just before leave the airport— the earlier we could react to the specific situation the better. All claims for damaged or baggage that is lost be manufactured within 4 hours of one’s journey’s arrival with a realtor in the arrival destination or through the Central Baggage workplace. The Central Baggage workplace could be reached at (801) 401-9000 (say “baggage”).

Exactly what do i actually do if my bag happens to be damaged?

Should your case had been damaged, you want to try everything we could to produce things better. However for apparent reasons, our obligation can just only get to date. Here’s what you ought to understand when your case is not when you look at the exact exact same shape whenever you landed since it ended up being whenever you shot to popularity: