As DNA technology gets better and test prices cheaper, Over the counter DNA testing kits have sprung up in just about every major drugstore. For the last couple of years individuals have been able to go to their local drugstore and pick up for about $30 a DNA testing kit.  You swab the people you want to test and mail it back to the lab alaong with an additional $129 or so and wait for your results.  What’s baffling about this is that thousands of people per year buy this kit to answer what for many may be one of the biggest questions in their lives–Am I the father?  This practice is akin to someone shopping for the cheapest heart surgeon.

The fact is, is that there is no guarantee of results on these over the counter kits.  While a 0% result means that you are not the father, what does a 30%, 50%, 80% result actually mean?  Does any of those results give you the peace of mind that you are searching for or does it just open it up for more questions.  Most if not all respectable labs guarantee a result of 0% or 99%+, that way you can be reasonably assured that the answer you get back will truly give you the peace of mind that you are looking for.

When searching for a DNA test that you can trust to give you the peace of mind you are looking for ask these simple questions:

Is the company you are using or their lab accredited?  If not, their standards may not be very high and the results could be affected.

Are the results guaranteed to be either 0% or 99% or higher?  Anything in between will still leave you with questions.

Will you have a dedicated case manager throughout the process? Nobody likes to tell their story to multiple people.

Again, there are DNA tests out on the market for $69 on up.  Remember the old adage “you get what you pay for.”  Don’t sacrifice test quality just because someone offers a test for less.  Most test pricing is based on the service level  and the knowledge of the staff that is performing the test.   Would you trust the discount heart surgeon who offers a quadruple bypass for the price of a double bypass…..