Over the last couple of years, I have posted blogs relating to individuals in prison who may not be getting a fair shot at post conviction DNA Testing in order to prove their innocence.  As a firm believer in “Commit the crime–Do the time” justice, it is hard to understand that many innocent people wind up behind bars for crimes they didn’t commit due to poor police work, false confessions, faulty eyewitness testimony, witnesses who recanted their stories, and plain old incompetence.

University of Michigan Law school and Northwestern University just released a new National Registry of Exonerations, which show at least 2,000 people who have been freed from prison since 1989 mostly because of DNA evidence.  The registry covers the time since DNA  began being used in various court proceedings.  It was surprising to find out the innocence of many “convicted” murderers and rapists.

Leading the list of exhonerations is Cook County, Illinois with 78 followed by Dallas County, Texas with 36.  This shows that the problems are not localized, but are spread throughout the whole system.