Our DNA Banking service allows you to preserve your tribe’s genetic history and identity. For Native American tribes, DNA Banking is an excellent way to secure your tribe’s future by preparing for enrollment claims long after the current tribal members are gone.

The cost for DNA Banking is $95 per person.
The cost for DNA Profiling is $150 per person.

Your Tribal DNA Database

We offer tribes a tool to prepare for the future by creating a tribe-specific database of DNA profiles of existing members. This way, your tribe has a ready resource if an applicant requests a DNA test to prove a biological relationship with a tribal member. This database is particularly useful if the applicant’s supposed relative has passed away-the tribal member’s DNA information is preserved for generations to come.

Security For the Future

We collect the individual tribal member DNA samples and store them in an environmentally controlled and secure facility for 15 years (renewable at the end of 15 years). Upon request by authorized persons, stored DNA specimens can be tested to determine identity and family relationships. If an entire tribe has chosen to have its members’ DNA samples banked and someone makes an enrollment claim, the stored samples of the supposed relatives can be selectively tested along with samples from the person making the claim to determine relatedness. No other testing will be performed, and no information will be released unless authorized by the tribe.

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