What is Maternity DNA Testing?

dna-test-maternityMaternity DNA testing determines whether a woman could be the biological mother of the child. Maternity test results may be used in the following circumstances:

  • To confirm that an adoptee has been reunited with his/her birth mother
  • To prove biological relationships in an immigration case.
  • To confirm that an embryo conceived through in-vitro fertilization was implanted into the correct mother
  • To resolve situations in which a mother or hospital staff suspect that a baby swap has occurred in the hospital nursery

How Does a Maternity DNA Test Work?

In a maternity test the child, alleged mother, and biological father are tested. The father’s participation in the maternity test helps to exclude half of the child’s DNA, leaving the rest for comparison with the alleged mother. If the father is not available we can perform a fatherless test without additional charge.

What is the Cost?

A home maternity test is $189 ($159 if ordered online) and covers testing for the mother and child. If the test is required to be legally admissible (Chain-of-Custody) the test is $399 ($359 if ordered online). Click the link below to order online and a kit will be mailed out within 24 hours.

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