Since the beginning of celebritydom, unethical people have used every means possible to ride the money train of the rich and famous. Back in 1943, Sir Charles Spencer “Charlie” Chaplin was embroiled in a Paternity Suit from an ex-girlfriend.  Even though the blood type testing came back to show that Chaplin could not have possibly been the biological father (DNA Testing was not available at the time), the courts ruled against Chaplin and he was forced to pay child support until the child was 18 years old.  Even today with DNA testing, which is the “Gold-Standard” of determining paternity because it gives you a 0% probability of paternity or a 99.99%+ probability and is required now in nearly 100% of paternity cases, the lure of large sums of potential “hush money” is enough to get some people’s creative juices flowing.  It should go without saying that in all of these false and dishonest paternity suits, the winners are ultimately losers and the losers…well, they’re just losers.

For the celebrity, while the truth does eventually come out, the amount of money spent on litigating these cases can be tremendous.  Family relationships can be negatively impacted and judgement by the court of public opinion can result in bad publicity and fan disappointment if the celebrity or their staff handled themselves inappropriately.  This seems to have been the case for Charlie Chaplin, as he had been scrutinized in his years for his political views and his personal life. For the child in question, if they are old enough to realize what is going on, they’ll probably need counseling when it’s all over if they aren’t already there.  Ultimately, nobody wins.

Baby-Mama’s all over the country need to pay attention to this.  If you don’t know who your baby’s daddy is and you are thinking about striking it rich by accusing a celebrity of being the daddy–think twice, maybe thrice.  Rich people generally have more money than you and have people on staff to mitigate and litigate their issues.  Accomplices and free legal services will only get you so far. With recent news that Mariah Yeater has recently dismissed her very public Paternity Lawsuit against teen idol Justin Bieber and possibly hired a new attorney to seek a private settlement, let’s take a look at this and some other failed Celebrity baby-daddy accusations.

Justin Bieber

Mariah Yeater, a 20 year old unemployed mother of a 3 month old, accused Bieber of fathering her child in the bathroom after one of his concerts when he was 16 and she was 19. Yeater is seeking financial compensation.  Not long after Bieber agreed to take a PaternityTest, Yeater quietly dropped her lawsuit claiming that she was receiving death threats and was afraid for her and her child.  After her legal counsel bailed on her, Yeater proceeded to hire a new attorney who is attempting to negotiate a settlement with Bieber in a more private manner. It was further discovered and reported by TMZ that Yeater may have requested that another potential father candidate, delete all text messages where he claims or has been told that he was the proper father, in return  for a ”kick” when Yeater gets paid.   This case is far from over.  Interestingly, not many people are talking about the potential statutory rape charges faced by Yeater as she was 19 and Bieber was only 16 at the time of their tryst.  The age of consent in California where this supposedly occurred is 18.  DOH!

Chris Rock

Back in 2007, Kali Bowyer claimed that Chris Rock had fathered a child with her 13 years earlier.  Despite DNA testing proving that Rock was not the father, Bowyer continued to insist that Rock was in fact the father and even sold her story to multiple tabloid news outlets.  It was later discovered that Bowyer had an extensive criminal record of lying to police, bad check writing and running a scam or two.  The courts finally ruled in Rock’s favor.  After spending a tremendous sum of money to defend the case, Rock made a public appeal to Bowyer to donate any monies made on the sale of her story to charities benefitting disadvantaged boys and girls.

Keanu Reeves

Mr. Anderson, as he is known to fans of The Matrix, wasn’t “The One.”  In 2009, Karen Sala accused Reeves of being the father of her four adult children.  How could this possibly happen?  Well, according to Sala, Reeves hypnotized her and disguised himself as her ex-husband and impregnated her.  Sala sued Reeves for $3 million a month for spousal support and $150,000 a month for back child support.  Needless to say, after the DNA tests came back negative, the case was thrown out.

Bill Cosby

Dr. Huxstable, America’s favorite Dad back in the 90’s, should have made this a focus of one of his award-winning shows.  Cosby admitted to paying his mistress $100,000 back in the 1970’s after she delivered a baby girl named Autumn Jackson.  Twenty –three years later, Autumn Jackson threatened to sell her story to the supermarket tabloids if Cosby didn’t pay her $40 million.  Cosby called Jackson’s bluff and submitted to DNA testing, which Jackson refused to participate in.  Jackson was ultimately sentenced to 26 months in a Federal prison for extortion.

These are just a few of the more recent high profile cases.  No one who has made it in life is immune to this.  False accusations of paternity are not just something that the rich and famous have to deal with.  Thousands of cases a year pop up in local cities throughout country accusing spouses of infidelity, often leading up to a paternity suit. Years from now, new high profile paternity cases will arise and people will have long but forgotten about Justin Bieber, Chris Rock, Keanu Reeves and Bill Cosby.  Unfortunately for the unethical accusers, DNA and other identification technology is only getting better and easier to use. DNA Testing companies seem to have many years of job security ahead of them.

Message From the President

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