Ita€™ll feel challenging result in the 07 my personal last Seiko. This may move too closely towards 09 (Ia€™d sooner just have the second hand changed for a red any than also nab the 9). But at least six Seiko 5s from amazing WatchUSeek thread have really made it to my personal wishlist or bookmarks. Such as the stylish SNKK27K1, which appears particularly great on tan leather. Or the SNZJ63. And extremely readability, the SNK381 looks difficult to defeat.

Once you are looking at a reliable and affordable automated it appears challenging overcome the Seiko 5 show in general.

Challenge with CSS viewport models for width?

Posted: Fri, 10 May 2013 09:07:00 -0400

Benefiting from unanticipated conduct when using viewport devices ( vw , vh , vmin , and vmax ) to dimensions circumference in Webkit browsers:

Whenever characteristics bring a hard and fast width set-in a viewport product, their own parents not any longer contain all of them correctly in Webkit browsers.

Open listed here in Chrome (experimented with variation 26 steady, and 29 Canary) or Safari 6, and compare to Firefox (attempted in variation 20):

Herea€™s a screenshot of just what that appears like in Chrome 26:

Herea€™s the exact same thing in Firefox 20:

What Ia€™d expect is the Firefox instance, where in actuality the dark green mother aspect properly stretches to suit the width of its contents (in this instance, the little one details with set viewport-unit widths).

Precisely what do you think? A real insect? Undoubtedly, one among them is completely wrong, and Ia€™m sure ita€™s Webkit, ever since the conduct together with other types of units ( px , em , rem , etc.) is like the Firefox screenshot. Ia€™ll need certainly to go here in IE10, which supporting viewport devices nicely, per Can I need.

In addition, it appears like therea€™s weirdness within the top, taking into consideration the green field for the Firefox screenshot is so a lot taller. Probably a difference as to what each internet browser are thinking about the viewport. Ia€™ll investigate that further.


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Become getting the itch ever since the beginning of the 12 months to make some modifications to my year old site design. And so I handled it on-and-off for a couple of period, and founded it a week ago. In addition to some lightweight clean-up, Ia€™ve altered some fonts and colors. Ia€™d barely need call it a a€?redesigna€? at all, but there are some fun info i wish to note.

Shades happened to be the largest package for me. I became so done with the white over strong navy, plus the radioactive eco-friendly a€” they started initially to grate on me personally. And so I wanted a simple and relaxing palette. We nevertheless preferred the letterpress sense, and so I chosen a cream tone that could be like report. And all of the nature now has a subtle bevel.

The next obvious changes become fonts. Choosing brand-new sort most likely got many opportunity. I did sona€™t replace the logotype, because I still like Audimat inside block cut-sort of influence. But, I didna€™t like Audimat your headers as I was using it before. And so I changed them with the fairly prominent Kaffeesatz, by Yanone a€” an eminently readable sans-serif typeface with a whimsical form of handwritten feelings. We chosen it mainly because, outside being wonderfully addressed by Yanone, ita€™s rather condensed, and I love its relatively big x-height. Ia€™ve had gotten anything for large x-heights.

X-height and whimsy additionally brought us to my range of looks font: a serif face by Oriol Esparraguera called Afta Serif. I happened to be interested in its artistic flow; ita€™s relatively mild in pounds, plus the shape become a little squarish, which with the large x-height stresses the whitespace and increases (if you ask me) readability. In addition like the lowercase a€?ka€? letterform.

Finally, we tweaked the website layout to get single column, when I thought the existing two columns happened to be as well claustrophobic therefore noticed great to streamline.

We still ought to do within the darn labels webpage, which Ia€™d never handled first off since moving to Jekyll. Also, after investing a whole blog post preaching regarding it, I need to manage a styleguide with this webpages.

But, this redesign-ish work has gotten my liquid moving. Maybe Ia€™ll in fact beginning uploading more regularly!

April Have Some Good Dev Heritage Content Material

Published: Wed, 01 Might 2013 13:00:00 -0400

Dona€™t know very well what it really is about April, but there were lots of great content and presentations about development group tradition that really struck a chord in me personally. Below are a few faves; check out for those who havena€™t currently.

Manifesto for Minimalist Software designers we observed this a€?minifestoa€? by ny applications designer, Pablo Guevara, if it got Twitter buzz someday in early half of April, and get started mentally duplicating areas of it in my head as a mantra since that time. a€?First take action, then do it right, after that do so much better.a€? a€?Fail fast, understand eventually.a€? a€?Techincal skills will be the expertise of complexity, while creativeness could be the grasp of simplicity.a€? Bacon try harmful to You that is a presentation carried out by the incredible Austin-based frontend developer, Garann methods, for BACON meeting which she voices the lady concerns about creator monoculture, and just how it could prevent folk. Truly struck house for me as some body whoa€™s thought alienated on specific dev teams, and whoa€™s probably accomplished their express of alienating on other people. The glide communicate terrifically for themselves if you cana€™t free the total half hour for all the video. Particularly escort in Jersey City love the assessment involving the a€?standarda€? working pro, versus the professional developer. Societal frustration this might be a post by Jason Stirman (moderate, Twitter) for media (a new-ish and beautiful kind-of-collaborative sort-of-bloga€¦Ita€™s complicated to spell it out) wherein he essentially nails they with regards to whata€™s important in creating a healthy and balanced heritage: the people! You will find a couple of big guidelines the guy touches on: having a diversity of view, humility, ensuring you actually get along with the applicants youra€™re thinking about. Ita€™s simple to dismiss essential identity is when gazing down a summary of amazing operate records and success on someonea€™s resumA©. Like their a€?airport testa€? concept. And this:

a€?The scratches a terrible customs match can cause isna€™t really worth the yields they can give.a€?

Ia€™ve been mastering of late the types of issues that thing if you ask me in a work surroundings, and I also realize I’m able to extract they down to this: dona€™t employ or perhaps be a jerk. Be very humble. Solicit suggestions. Depend on people, and come together.

Just like any community of individuals, ita€™s frustrating occasionally to remember that youa€™re all for a passing fancy group. Getting specific is very important, but be cautious in order to prevent selfishness. Ita€™s crazy how frequently i need to tell my self of this.

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