What would you do if you had the suspicion that you were the son of one of the most infamous characters in American history? That’s the question raised by one Matthew Roberts who, after receiving a lead from his birth mother, began a quest for the answer. Roberts had been adopted as a baby and never knew his birth parents. Approximately 14 years ago, through an adoption agency, Roberts located his birth mother who proceeded to tell Roberts that Charles Manson was his father and that she had met Manson at an orgy in 1967.

Not wholly believing the story he had been told, Roberts proceeded to write to Manson. Roberts relayed the story from his mother and was surprised to get a response back from Manson confirming the story. Manson did in fact remember Robert’s mother and was at the 1967 orgy. Now with concrete proof, albeit from a madman, Roberts proceeded to his next step of obtaining a DNA Paternity Test. Twice Roberts attempted, but in both attempts the results were inconclusive as the samples were contaminated. If only there was another way….

Manson did have a known son, Charles Manson. Jr., but after changing his name to Jay White to protect his family it is believed, White committed suicide in 1993. White also had a known son, Jason Freeman, an oilfield worker and MMA fighter living in Ohio. With the help of CNN and DNA Diagnostic Center, Roberts would soon find out if Manson was his father.

Since it was known that Freeman was the paternal grandson of Manson, Freeman would carry the same Y-Chromosome as Manson as the Y-Chromosome is passed down from generation to generation only on the paternal side. If Roberts was the son of Manson, he too would share that same Y-Chromosome with Freeman. This would prove the relationship.

As Roberts lived in the Los Angeles, CA area, he was sent to DNA Services of America in Santa Ana for his DNA sample collection. Freeman was sent to a location near him in Ohio for the same. 48 hours later, CNN brought both men together to get the answer. Meeting each other for the first time Freeman and Roberts shared a hug and anxiously awaited the results. It was determined that Freeman and Roberts did not share the same Y-Chromosome, which meant that a disappointed Roberts was left ever wondering who his biological father was and not sure what to do next.

Names and reputations aside, most people want to know their past. While most would be grateful that Manson was not their father, still not knowing who your biological father is after a grinding fourteen year search is frustrating. It is that search for answers as to who we are and where we come from that most people need to know to help complete the puzzle that makes up our lives. Unfortunately, the road to those answers are not always easy and the answers not always clear.