With our home DNA Test kit, DNA Services of America makes it easy to perform a self-collection that ensures you receive the highest quality, most accurate DNA test results.

Simply follow these step-by-step instructions.

Step one.

  • Remove the contents, verifying you have received the easy to follow instruction booklet, an order form, buccal swab collection envelopes for each participant, tamper proof seals and a postage paid return envelope.

Step two.

  • Fill out the front side of each buccal swab collection envelope.
  • There is one envelope for each tested party.

Step three.

  • Complete the order form. List each participant. That way, we can verify we receive all samples which should be in the package and that none are missing.

Step four.

  • Collect the samples. It is very important that only one tested party collect their samples at a time.
  • Open the swab envelope and remove the cotton-tipped swabs, being careful not to touch the cotton tips.
  • With a firm swiping motion, twirl one swab on the inside of the cheek for ten seconds, moving it around all areas inside the mouth. Repeat this same procedure on the inside of the mouth with the three remaining swabs.
  • Place all four swabs back into the paper collection envelope.

Step five.

  • Seal each envelope with the tamper proof tape provided. This way the laboratory will know that no one has tampered with your samples.

Step six.

  • Place all sample envelopes and the order form into the postage-paid shipping envelope, seal it firmly, and then simply send it back to us via U.S. Mail. No additional postage is required.
  • Testing begins once the lab has received all DNA samples.
  • Your Case Manager will contact you to let you know your results are available, and you can go online and review your results securely and privately at MyDNAresults.com.
  • We will also mail you an original copy at no additional charge.
  • Results are typically available within two to three business days after the lab receives all samples.

Private, accurate DNA testing in the comfort of your own home.

DNA Services of America’s Home DNA test kit- it’s the easiest, most discreet way to get the Peace of Mind you deserve.

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