He is perfect. Nearly TOO ideal.

Key term: Dedicated, attentive, high-strung, helpful, hardworking

Known Virgo guys: Nick Jonas, Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson, Idris Elba, Keanu Reeves, Lil Xan

Fellow planet indication Taurus is a Virgo. The two of you respect each forwardness that is other’s work ethic. Water indication Cancer is yet another great match for a Virgo. Where Virgo takes care of practical matters and shows love by assisting with IRL stuff, Cancer is an psychological water indication and creates a romantic and connection that is loving.

Virgo is quantity six of 12 in the Zodiac wheel, and it is the actual only real earth that is mutable, meaning he’s resourceful and versatile, so when a planet indication he’s rational, stubborn, and only worried about what is concrete. He’s a bashful, sensitive and painful guy, but as an indication ruled by Mercury, he’s additionally pretty clever and committed. Continue reading