Within my book Divorce or separation Proofing The Relationships, I present 10 preferred lies individuals incorporate you to eventually contributes to divorce case. Which publication face our thoughts, beliefs, and you can assumptions you to definitely determine how exactly we act in addition to choice i build. When you should strengthen your matrimony otherwise stop the slippery fall so you’re able to splitting up, basic check your thoughts and have, “Are my personal view reflective of secular culture or even the Bible?” You happen to be astonished how far your ideas has strayed away from the newest Bible’s curative motif.

Rest #1: Relationship was a binding agreement.

Sure, relationship try a legal package, however in God’s eyes it’s so much more. The truth is marriage is actually a good covenant, a keen unbreakable vow. It is lifestyle union. It indicates “to possess most readily useful or worse, richer otherwise poorer, inside sickness plus fitness.” It indicates enjoying somebody once you never feel just like it, being dedicated, and dealing thanks to difficulty and you will bad times.

Lie #2: I ily.

To be honest you don’t ily as a package deal! Do not kid on your own and you may envision the latest banned inside the-legislation don’t matter. Your spouse was born in a family that educated the girl exactly how becoming which the woman is today. Continue reading