— Lost Opportunity At De-escalation

As you described, LOAD, you’re not responsible of “#MeToo bad behavior. if all of it went down” It is not unusual for folks to be inadvertently stimulated during a nonerotic therapeutic massage; it is more noticeable when it occurs to guys, of course, however it takes place to females, too. “Erections do happen,” a masseuse explained once I went your letter past her. “as long as dudes never ask for a suddenly ‘happy ending,’ expose themselves, or — God help me — make an effort to just take my hand and put it on the erection, they will haven’t done such a thing wrong.”

Because this has not occurred for you prior to, LOAD, I do not think you ought to waste a lot of time worrying about this occurring once more. However if you are worried that one massage developed a powerful erotic relationship and you’re likely to blow a load next time a masseuse so much as looks at one of the legs, go right ahead and have a fast wank before your visit. Continue reading