Boy gets into trouble with a mature guy he satisfies online. Ultimately ends up investing in it.

An US businessman is taken prisoner with a sadistic Turkish Master and changed into a feminized slave put through human body modification, torture, and sexual abuse.

A good-looking 18-year-old delivers a pizza to an adult men, whom gets some unique sauce with their cheesy toppings.

The neighbor next door is investing a complete lot of the time polishing their automobile. Maybe he wishes something else polished!

Little time medical office teaches me just how to be described as a homosexual massive cock craving whore with therapy and medicine.

Since he had been only a small child, Simon had dreams about slavery and submission to Asian males. He never ever had any concept where this eyesight originated from, but it kept coming. He was in the midst of a promising career, but suddenly he follows an impulse to realize his dark fantasy when he reached 41. We have translated the whole tale into English to achieve a wider audience.

Family with secrets take a seat for thanksgiving diner.

I’m John; I”m a sophomore in twelfth grade.

This story is founded on genuine officers I make use of. Names have now been changed for discernment purposes.

I cant think he would take action like that in the front of me personally, following the we shared and everything night. Continue reading