The country, once again, teetering on the brink of war, a new civil movement has sprung up – and they’re not wearing any clothes as Beirut is rocked by car bombs

A huge selection of Lebanese experts are publishing nude images of themselves online in solidarity with Jackie Chamoun, the 22-year-old Olympic that is lebanese skier who had been this week publicly scorned by the nation’s politicians for taking part in a risquГ© photo-shoot.

The “I Am Not Naked” campaign, by which individuals are invited to remove down their clothing and stay photographed, addressing their personal areas with a round sign saying #StripForJackie, ended up being started in the spur for the minute by buddies of Ms Chamoun.

“It took us a couple of hours to introduce the theory and also the Facebook page on Tuesday,” said Mohamad Abdouni, a co-organiser associated with campaign and also the editor for the Lebanese arts mag. “we visited bed at 6am so when I woke up at 10am for a passing fancy time, i came across 4,000 loves in the Facebook web page!”

The campaign has since taken Lebanese news by storm, dominating talk programs, papers and social media web web sites including Twitter and Twitter. And possesses gone beyond Ms Chamoun’s breasts, kickstarting the discussion by what style of a culture Lebanon would like to be.

The photographs of Ms Chamoun, which showed the young skier, that is presently taking part in the Sochi Winter Olympics, posing into the snowfall in mere her underpants, had been offcuts from a calendar shoot that she had took part in 3 years ago.

These were never ever meant for public consumption, plus the mortified Ms Chamoun explained them online that she had no idea who had posted.

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Faisal Karmai, the Lebanese minister for youth and recreations, nonetheless, deemed it essential to discipline the young athlete, threatening to have her prohibited through the Olympic games and accusing her of “harming Lebanon’s reputation”. Continue reading