Breakups suck. You’ve got no appetite but somehow you can’t stop ice cream that is eating. You can’t rest however you can’t get free from sleep. Your sadness is piled because high as the laundry in your sink. The main one person that you’d rely on when normally you are feeling similar to this can’t assistance you simply because they dumped you!

I’m sure just what you’re probably thinking: “Breaking up is exactly what I’m wanting to avoid. Just how can it is the best thing?”

To begin with, breakups aren’t the end for several relationships.

Based on a 2013 research by Kansas State University, one out of three partners whom reside have broken up together and got in together. Not only this, but nearly 1 / 2 of individuals aged 17-24 have actually gone back to an ex after splitting up!

Therefore how come these couples reconcile? And just how can breaking up help you remain together when you look at the long term?

1. Splitting up forces you to definitely face your issues

A relationship is similar to a frog in a cooking pot of warm water. I understand, I understand however it is sensible, believe me.

In the event that you put a frog in a pot of boiling water, it’s going to feel pain and jump out instantly.

But place a frog into a pot of space heat water then gradually improve the heat, the frog won’t notice until it’s prepared and able to eat. Yum.

Some partners just keep sweeping issues underneath the rug. This leads to tensions to increase gradually until the connection reaches an emergency. Continue reading