The balance of your loan on graduation will mostly look the same as it was when you took your loan out first. The interest will be covered by the government if you ever put the loans under deferment.

The graduate students can borrow up to $65,500 under Direct Subsidized loans. This amount includes any of the Direct Subsidized loans if they have taken out any for the undergraduate degree.

Direct PLUS loans are directed towards the parent, graduate students or professional students even though the loans require a credit check and the requirement are strict between the private lenders.

A large number of private lenders want to see a good or even excellent credit score. For these loans, all you have to do is state that your credit history is favorable.

These PLUS loans do not necessarily call for an amazing credit score, they just require that you haven’t made any major financial issues in the past 5 years.

The loan amount can go up to $31,000 in total for undergraduates who have received financial support from their parents

If you are unemployed the interest will not be accrued in the case of subsidized loans while you are in school

Private student loans for bad credit

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There are only a few private student loans that are provided for the bad credit and it has very rigorous criteria. The student loans you are borrowing must have a co-signer who needs to have a strong credit history in order to sign you up. They can be your family members or a relative or a friend who has a good credit history. Continue reading