Plus other *seriously* surprising stats about people who swipe.

Tinder might have a bad rep for being the “hook-up software,” nevertheless the outcomes from their latest Modern Dating Myths survey show that Tinder users are more inclined to really carry on times (duh) and secure down a committed relationship than offline-only daters. More astonishing, they’re additionally having safer intercourse. (See additionally: Fit-couple Tinder success stories which will prompt you to rely on contemporary love.)

Secure Intercourse

It may seem of employing a dating application as being a riskier way to meet up people-and hookups-but Tinder users are now having safer sex compared to the remaining portion of the dating population.

Thes survey implies that 70 percent of on line daters report safe sex techniques in most cases or always vs. just 63 % of offline daters. (ICYMI this is what safe intercourse really means. Because, yes, you may be doing it incorrect.) As well as if individuals are making use of Tinder in order to hook up, at the very least they are acting like grownups about this: 67 % of Tinder users *always* usage condoms whenever sex that is having a brand brand new partner the very first time, versus only 58 percent of offline daters.

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