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Shortform has the worlds most readily useful guides to 1000+ nonfiction b ks. Learn key points and gain insights you may not find elsewhere. Discover the worlds best tips.

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We are the absolute most efficient way to find out more from publications you’re reading.

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Ever get aggravated by a written b k that doesnt reach the point? We cut out the fluff, maintaining only the most useful ideas. We additionally re-organize to assist you learn faster.

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Other summaries skim over the surface and tend to be t obscure to be satisfying. In comparison, we cover key nuances, examples, and details so you have the full ideas.

Multiple Levels of Detail

We summarize every guide in 2 lengths 1) 1-page summary for key takeaways 2) complete comprehensive summary and analysis, containing every idea that is useful

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We show the guide’s tips better than even the publications on their own.

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