7 Ways to Hack Your Hip Hinge

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Here’s what you ought to know…

  1. The hip hinge is our primary motion, but it’s usually butchered by lifters due to quad-dominance, p r hip flexibility, and p r core security.
  2. to hinge, it is best to begin with unloaded workouts and slowly progress to weighted or variations that are barbell.
  3. Power isn’t always about pressing the poundage. Power may also mean owning a pattern.

It helps us squat and deadlift like bosses for maximal size and power gains, and undoubtedly do those plain things painless.

Yet a fundamental hip hinge pattern seems to be an elusive quality for a lot of lifters, specifically due to quad-dominance, bad hip flexibility, and bad core security. I’m shocked at the amount of people whom ask me about getting larger numbers on their deadlift when, after evaluating their technique, their hip hinge l ks similar to a lumbar disk explosion waiting to happen.

It’s time to make contact with the basics and master the hip hinge so that you can chase big squat and numbers that are deadlift maintaining your back injury-free.

The Hinge

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A hinge is all about sitting back in the hips with minimal knee bend and snapping forward having a strong glute contraction at the final. Continue reading