Springtime split is in fact the identify from the spring season semester—and, let’s be genuine, probably the entire class year. You may not be caught with James Franco all times a la spring season Breakers, but you’re surely looking to have fun. Through your times of partying (hey, we don’t judge) and mingling with another swimming pool of cuties, it’s very most likely you might find yourself starting up with people.

Although we all desire we could generate ourselves think that we’ll end up being regret-free by the point we’re road-tripping home, hookups can easily trigger most regret, particularly if you’re maybe not cautious. Stick to all of our techniques for remaining intimately secure over the split and you’ll getting less inclined to get home from your break with, uh, an itch.

1. need a plan with your friends

Remember exactly how, in grade class, you’d designated satisfying spots to go to in case there is a fire and other emergency?

Great: it is finally time for you put those skills to good utilize.

In an insane coastline community or hotel, there’s a lot of things to do and plenty of individuals would these with. Since you’ll be meeting new people (specifically possible hook-ups), probably you won’t end sticking to the selection of family the whole time. Continue reading