The internet dating globe for artists can often be a complex one. I will be writing this informative article centered on our enjoy from just one male’s views. Since I have’m NYC depending, i will be detailing precisely why that makes internet dating even harder. Whether you’re a male or feminine in the business, there are many different difficulties which can render items very tough when considering dating. Before I also get into it, I want to effectively preface this with a few vital perspective. Pay attention to the further line.

As a musician, online dating is not as glorious as the label causes it to be look.


To each and every non-musician scanning this, you’re just an outsider appearing in.

Your complete life, you have been given lies. Below are a few really common bogus facts about musicians regarding online dating:

Now I’ll be honest, We have my personal great amount of feminine supporters, but nothing will come close to the official “groupie.” To every dude thinking of becoming a rock superstar simply for the girls, I’m pretty sure i simply smashed your entire dreams & hopes and dreams. Sorry, ( not sorry).

It was fun, yet , simply an integral part of the tv show.

To every individual that thought you actually see underwear cast at you as long as you’re on-stage, it doesn’t occur unless you’re Usher. Groupies never care about you when you’re from the come up, as you’re most likely broke and struggling. Continue reading