“every time lifetime tosses a curveball, you need to overcome it.”

In a unique meeting with Body+Soul, style and luxury mogul Rosie Huntington-Whiteley reveals the reason why she’s never been person to settle-back and wait a little for jobs.

you are really engaged to British professional Jason Statham and display a son, Jack. How does one balances are a businesswoman with your own personal being?

You realize, it’s quite difficult. I’m like I’m still a fresh mum – [even though] your son is three. We’re all active, whether we’re operating on a part time basis, fulltime, working from home, or we’re a stay-at-home mum… life is a juggle, everything else you need happening.

Before I experienced port, living got last minute – every single thing went very hectic. I’d have a telephone call and also be on an airplane 12 plenty eventually. That just does not occur any longer. I have obvious marketing and sales communications between me and Jason. Continue reading