My husband was seeking paternity for another child that was presumably his and he took the test maybe two years ago. I was wondering, because the mother had emailed him the results of a test saying that he is the father and it’s been like two years ago that he had took the test and she never went to take the test until this year actually. And I was wondering, did he have to take another test in order for this paternity to be proved or did they hold his DNA this amount of time? He was looking to take another test because he said there was no way that you know that the test could and it was done through the state because she was seeking child support and he never has gotten his results in the mail from the state.–Beth B., Tuscaloosa, AL

The issue at hand is a blanket with what looks to be blood stains on it, I need to have it analyzed for DNA. It’s been in the forest for 8 months, I pulled it out, I’m searching for two missing men. It will eventually go to the courts if it confirms to be DNA from one of the missing men.–Joseph W., Tuscaloosa, AL