I need to establish paternity so I can pretty much get a child support case stopped.–Dawann J.

My husband and the daughter that he thought was his daughter, we actually met up last week and um—to make a long story short we need to get a DNA test and it’s got to be certified for state use. It’s personal for us but its gotta be on paper that way it’ll be certified ‘cause we gotta take it to child support. She didn’t even know who her dad was until two years ago when she decided to get married and she applied for a birth certificate and they refused it so what she did was put the name on the birth certificate who everybody told her was her dad. The first time he’s ever laid eyes on her was two weeks ago. We’re getting this for two purposes for relief of mind to make sure he is or ‘aint and also we’re getting it for child support services too so it will drop all the child support case they have on him because for the last 20 years they’ve took child support out on him and he ‘aint getting none of it back but just for future references in case he gets his taxes back or whatever they can’t take it no more.–Cathy C.