Does your lab test semen and hair to tell if it is the same? We just got back from a trip and I think someone was making whoopee in my bed while we were gone. I have the pillowcase. I have a high suspicion of who it was, who I would have access to get the hair. I need to know and I feel violated. I don’t want them in my house again if that is who it was.–Beth N., Lafayette, LA

We have a client that lives in one city and the child lives in another city, can you handle that and how would it work? She is saying that it is not his child and he feels as though that she might bring in another child just so that the test would come back showing that he is not the father. It is a newborn child, so what do you use for identification. Can you also test the mother to make sure that she is the mother of the child?–Samantha-W., Lafayette, LA

I have a son who is getting married in a week and just a week away and all of this came up just yesterday. This lady that he used to go with two years ago, to make a long story short it came up that she was saying that it’s not the guy who signed the birth certificate that it is not his child, she is saying my son is. What can I do to get a paternity test quickly to get back an answer real fast.–Jackie H., Scott, LA