A girl I use to go with is now telling me her son might be mine.–Ryan N.,Vicksburg, MS

My husband has a 3 year old daughter from his first wife. He has always given her child support since she was born. Now his ex is acting like it is not his daughter. My husband just wants to make sure she is really his daughter. He is heartbroken about this.–Valerie E., Vicksburg, MS

My boyfriend’s mama wants to know if my baby is her son’s baby. He is 7 months old. My boyfriend is not on the birth certificate.–Raquelle B., Saltillo, MS

My wife recently stepped out on me. She just took a home pregnancy test and it came back that she was pregnant. I really don’t know who the father is. I want to find out before the baby is born.–Willie D., Tupelo, MS

I want to test if my sister and I are really sisters. My mother recently passed away and now there are rumors that she was unfaithful to my dad. We want to find out as soon as we can to put this to rest.–Gail F., Horn Lake, MS

My girl has been telling me she was 6 months pregnant. She just switched doctors and the new doctor said she is 8 months. I don’t think the baby can be mine.–Kendall H., Southaven, MS

We need a DNA test to disprove paternity for my fiance. He doesn’t think he is the father, but his ex is claiming that he is.–Karey Y.–Madison, MS

My girlfriend is 5 months pregnant. I just found out she cheated on me with my best friend. I need some peace of mind that the baby is mine.–Robert J., Ridgeland, MS

I have twin boys that are 2 years old. Only one of them looks like me. My girlfriend is trying to seek child support. I want them to be tested before I start paying her.–Tim J., Nicholson, MS

For my own knowledge I need to find out if my daughter is really mine.–Dean F., Picayune, MS