Almost 4 period ago after my relationship of three years concluded I decided to produce a Tinder profile. The following is the tale of this visibility (in information). If youre sluggish and dont love the information, skip on the bottom and there is a Sankey drawing that sums up loads.

Lets bring some of the tips taken care of very first, since these information will inevitably arise.

Men, 22. Straight.

In Which Create We Living?

A Canadian urban area with a metropolitan people of around 1 million.

Am We Beautiful?

I m probably an extremely typical looking person, maybe some above average but no product. The images at this time on my Tinder visibility has Photofeeler attractive score ranging from 7.7 to 9.3. But keep in mind that I did set some operate into obtaining close pictures for my profile.

Preciselywhat Are My Personal Needs Set To?

My personal choice had been initially set extremely large, but I have narrowed in the long run. Currently, its set-to people elderly 1825 within 100 kilometer.

Now for the fun material.


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My Tinder activity (calculated in application opens up daily) varied from 0 to 153 with an average of 29 and an average of 20.

My personal very first month on Tinder was my personal a lot of effective. Apart from that however, my task reveals no clear fashions, but high-activity times perform appear to are available blasts with lulls between.

During the period of nearly 4 months, we subscribed 16,561 swipes . Continue reading