To help make the longer tale quick (I ACTUALLY DO would like you to remain awake for a lengthy period to read through other document), what Ozumo demands nowadays more than ever is actually a rivalry comparable to Federer-Nadal in playing tennis

Andreas, who had previously been assembling a fantastic small sequence of lol states, are going to be getting a hiatus (which doesnt suggest the guy detest united states). This is because actually a really sad one. Evidently dude possess somehow reach think current online gossip the later part of the Sumotalk members George Guida and Bernard MacManus were NOT killed by the Canadian Royal Mounted authorities within the plant of Canada while engaged in “mawashi-less sumo” once you know why, but are instead alive and better somewhere in same-sex marriage tolerant Patagonia, promoting organic infused drinks to close poachers and writing their memoirs. Its stupefying to believe a guy because bright as Andreas would fall for such crap, but there it is. If the guy ever before wakes upwards out of this delusion we’ll anticipate him right back with available weapon.

Day 14 (anoshima’s crack simply doesn’t exercise for you personally anymore, eh? OK, subsequently let me tell you the things I’d instead do right now instead of following recent basho. Right now i would ike to sit back in front of my personal wide-screen television watching a 5+ hour long Roland Garros last between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, both creating cruised past her opponents in right creates to this point, both healthier, well-rested plus the type of their own existence, in front of a 15,000 stronger audience lusting for greatness and historic accomplishment. Continue reading