We bloody like a beneficial blether. A chin wag. A catch right up. A heart to center or a haver

At any time I’m reading good pal’s fracture or fulfilling some body brand new, I’m normally thrilled. So lockdown had been a real scunner fae my point of view.

While we move from the brutal winter season of social regulation and into a looser function of lifetime, and as the summertime sun stutteringly stands out, my personal social heart is increased alongside pints and discussed smiles. Braw.

However, there’s just a tiny section of me that elevates alongside those frothy spring pints an even more sombre dram, in remembrance regarding the small joys that kept myself afloat in lockdown.

The freshest pint and finest fries in Dundee

And whit a view!

-at my brothers latest location in the V&A

We spent cold temperatures on my tod in an appartment in Coldside. It had been a cosy, safer spot and I have loads of operate, therefore I got a great deal to get pleased for. But my personal Christ I didnae have many people to chat to.

I’d do my personal day workout during my free space, limitless push-ups like an imprisoned Charles Bronson, before deciding into a quiet move in the laptop. The cold gusts of wind blew during the clean streets outside.

The Covid security policeman that lingered outside of the local Tesco ended up being often the very first, plus some weeks the very last guy I’d can say hello to. Continue reading