New IG report covers the amount of time where (Esther Slater) McDonald offered as counsel to Member Lawyer Standard Expenses Mercer, a short time body type out-of simply 13 weeks. However, although she was around a tiny bit more than a-year, McDonald’s name peppers the OIG report (pdf) more than 100 moments. She try seriously employed in seeking to ferret the actual governmental leanings away from candidates. The brand new report identifies the girl frequent Sites searches off candidates to choose once they was in fact “anarchists” or “leftists.”

McDonald, whom visited DOJ when you look at the , was part of the crowd out of young DOJ employs exactly who emerged from inside the into the second Bush label immediately following Alberto Gonzales went out-of White Domestic the advice to attorney general. That they had minimal experience, fierce support so you can President Plant and sterling conservative credentials.

Predicated on McDonald’s LinkedIn character, this woman is an alum away from Pensacola Religious School and Notre Dame Legislation School. Just after graduating in the 2003, she struggled to obtain Jones Date before getting ushered into the hallowed places from Gonzales’ DOJ from the the one and only the fresh Monica Goodling herself…

As a consequence of TPM viewer Citoyen92, i see a couple of things regarding Pensacola see page Christian University that renders the fresh new Wanting To possess Zion Ranch seem like Hef’s residence:

Pensacola Religious College or university prides by itself with the are additional, not simply off secular universities, however, off fellow Christian of them, too. Some of those distinctions, such as the means pupils dress, are obvious to your guest. Others aren’t. Since its founding, more than 3 decades ago, Pensacola provides flourished regarding a small Bible college into the a thriving establishment regarding nearly 5,100 pupils. Continue reading