Aqua loves to make life hard for Wiz, frequently planning to her store to cleanse things and slander them outside their store. She additionally rubs water that is holy the store’s home handles, scalding Wiz’s fingers in the act. Regardless of this bullying, Aqua is genuinely keen on Wiz. She frequently visits the lich’s store whenever she actually is bored stiff and states because it would make Wiz sad that she doesn’t want to kill Vanir.

Eris [ edit | edit source ]

Aqua is Eris’ senior as a goddess. She understands of Eris’ breasts pads, in addition to her trips that are secret the dream globe. Aqua does not especially like Eris, and it is envious for the latter if you are the more worshiped for the two, despite the fact that Eris is regarded as to be always a lower-class goddess.

Aqua is well known become teasing to her goddess that is junior and her as a young child. It would appear that Aqua and Eris have actually close relations due to Aqua exposing that there surely is a side that is devil-may-care Eris and comprehending that she pads her upper body. Nonetheless, it would appear that Aqua comes with a small take care of her junior goddess as whenever Eris ended up being struggling along with her divine duities, Aqua did help with a few of her work. Needless to say, she does tease Eris about it stating that she actually is hopeless without her.

Could not find the full guide that is comprehensive most of the gallery scenes, thus I thought you ought to be manufactured hope it can help (carrying it out from memory so that it might not be accurate, and also this is actually for the Prologue, maybe not for just about any future updates)

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