Julie next visits another crew users who will be playing cards together in one of their compartments and yells at all of them for not being within party inquiring how they could create the lady “on it’s own with that old lecher. Julie calls it a sneaky, deceitful, devious strategy. Gopher:(to doctor) seems like your method, doctor. They advise this lady to speak with the head and simply tell him that their uncle are a “dirty old-man exactly who can not keep his palms to themselves. She runs others way. Stubing. The guy tells Julie that Uncle Cyrus has brought very a-shine to the girl and wants to posses cocktails and lunch.

She renders the cabin and Cyrus is in the hall and requires their if she wants to get skinny dipping from inside the swimming pool

Julie replies it’s above a shine. Capt. Stubing claims he’s going to grab that as a “yes” to the invitation. Uncle Cyrus seems together with Capt. Cyrus states he can grab her at the lady cabin and kisses the lady hands. Capt. Stubing remarks that Cyrus is a gentleman. Julie nods uncomfortably. She informs the lady male team mates (Gopher, doctor and Isaac (played by Ted Lange) about this lady challenge and asks what she must do? Isaac: it is best to wear an attractive gown, some appealing jewellery, and track boots! Julie states she wants the woman Aunt Phoebe – a vice policeman in Milwaukee – ended up being her to train him a lesson. Continue reading