Personality [ edit | edit source ]

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Mikoto draws the eye of numerous girls, and it is admired by the men also. Yet truth, he’s got a timid and ‘tsundere’ attitude. While outwardly he flirts with girls shamelessly and confidently, a while later, he cringes and becomes ashamed at their very own actions. Despite their very own incompetence in intimate situations, he could be perceptive with regards to their buddies’ love everyday lives. He is able to accurately infer when they are looking for help and it is constantly prepared to help.

It really is unearthed that their character is in fact the inspiration for Mamiko (Umetarou Nozaki’s heroine character). While many figures figure this away and constantly make recommendations to it, Mikoto appears to be totally oblivious.

History [ edit | edit source ]

36 months ago, Mikoto ended up being unable to confidently talk to girls, so he started initially to ‘study’ by playing dating sims. Discovering that there have been more to specific women than fulfills a person’s eye, he made a decision to overcome them! Therefore, leading this pure kid into a full world of dating sims and figurine collecting.

Techniques [ edit | edit source ]

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Mikoto doesn’t have ability in terms of drawing individuals or objects that are inanimate. Nevertheless, he could be a specialist at drawing plants, results and touches to bring the charm out into the figures. Besides art, Mikoto can be proficient into the language of plants. Continue reading