To assist you work your budgets out and income, or even to merely compare available commercial home loan discounts to see just what huge difference a commercial home loan will make to your company, we’ve developed this easy commercial home loan calculator.

Commercial Mortgages Requirements

  • Loan to Value as much as 80per cent
  • Loans ?200,000 to ?250 million (bigger loans may be Interest prices from 2% (Over Bank of England Base price)
  • Interest Hedging items available (Including interest caps and swaps for durations as much as ten years)
  • Loans designed for international consumers (the united states, European countries, Australasia, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore)

Commercial Mortgage Interest Levels and Expenses

The best possible deals for the finance that they require as independent commercial mortgage brokers we search the whole market to find our clients.

You can find literally a huge selection of various commercial home loan plans available, permitting us to:

  • Offer a range that is wide of
  • Provide facilities for the range that is wide of

Commercial home loan prices begin with simply 2.75% pa – (2% over Bank of England Base price)

Commercial Mortgage Interest prices

interest For Loans Max LTV Lender center Fee Loan Type
2.75% ?2 million + 75% to 80% 1.5percent Repayment just
2.85% ?1 million + 70% 1.5percent Repayment Only
3.0% ?500,000 + 75% 1.5percent Repayment Just
3.5percent ?250,000 + 75% 1.5percent Repayment Just
4.39percent (3 fixed) ?250,000 + 75% 1.5 12 monthsper cent Repayment or Interest just
4.49percent (5 12 months Fixed) ?250,000 + 75% 1.5% Repayment or Interest Only
4.29% (Max ten years) ?250,000 + 75% 1.5% Interest Just

Commercial home loan interest levels consist of 2% over base price upwards

Interest levels for commercial mortgages don’t tend to be set predicated on Loan to Value, while they frequently are with several mortgages that are residential. Continue reading