Nevada Gaming Commissioner John Moran Jr. concerns legal counsel during a commission meeting

The complete point of gaming regulation is to supply a solid, dependable and clear framework from which those in the video gaming industry can operate. Therefore Nevada Gaming Commission members were none too pleased when regulations they put set up only two years ago, in 2011, regarding exactly how slots can operate in Nevada’s tavern environment, had been back front of them at a current meeting.

Regulation 3.015 ended up being back to roost, and laying some eggs.

Unhappy to Revisit Rules and Regs

Gaming Commission Chairman Pete Bernhard allow it be known he had been none too happy to see the issue that is regulatory in front of the commission.

‘ We don’t desire to see the guidelines changed every two years. One for the worst things regulators can do is to offer uncertainty. I thought we resolved this problem in 2011,’ Bernhard reiterated.

Creating the revisitation were two various sets of regulations from two various regulatory bodies, each overlapping one other and creating a murky pair of rules for tavern owners to abide by.

In the one hand, Regulation 3.015 ( feels like a James Bond operative code name) was created by the Commission to make slot parlors illegal; the kind exemplified by the plethora of Dottie’s chains found throughout the vegas valley. Competing business operators, as well because the Nevada Resort As Continue reading