Our training frequently gets inquiries from people asking concerning the importance of their specific or couples specialist to be particularly competed in sex/intimacy problems. This is really understandable thinking about the general few sex that is fully-trained when compared with practitioners without this specialty, particularly in a town like Seattle that has a lot of licensed and able practitioners. Those of us competed in intercourse & closeness problems are far more difficult to get, to book sessions with, and then we usually charge additional money. Plus, shouldn’t customers assume that any counselor claiming skills to work well with relationships prepare yourself to simply help deal with relational distress that is sexual?

Sex Treatment Education

Regrettably, the academic programs we therapists attend merely don’t have the ability to train us completely on sex/intimacy-related problems, maybe perhaps not without doubling the full time we might spend in graduate college. Therefore just some people visited recognize the necessity of becoming well-versed in things of intercourse and sex, accepting the daunting, costly, and laborious road toward licensure through The United states Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT) which includes really stringent needs for training and expertise in the location of intercourse treatment. Continue reading