NYC (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Having a million party-minded soccer fans flocking to Minneapolis for Sunday’s Super Bowl – dubbed the trafficking event that is biggest in the usa – a large number of agencies are gearing up to bust criminal companies and rescue victims.

Minneapolis authorities states it really is dealing with 23 police agencies, patrolling the internet to a target individuals sex that is buying and monitoring resorts for intercourse trafficking.

Although the group that is anti-slavery is supposed to be staffing up its anti-trafficking hotline, its leader Bradley Myles cautioned against painting the country’s largest sporting occasion being a sex trafficking magnet.

“All this really is, is really an one-day snapshot into exactly what otherwise is a 365-day problem, ” he told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

“The same traffickers being committing trafficking. Through the Super Bowl, they’re planning to get up each morning on Monday and perform some exact same thing. ”

Big events that are sporting through the World Cup towards the Olympics, frequently trigger a panic over an influx of sex-trade employees, with numerous being victims of human being trafficking.

Arrests of pimps operating sex that is underage are reported during the nationwide Football League’s championship game nearly every 12 months, with girls being trafficking from as far as Hawaii to attach with customers through the Web, resorts and strip groups.

Some 1.5 million individuals in the us are victims of trafficking, mostly for intimate exploitation. The majority is kiddies, based on a U.S. Senate report posted last year.

U.S. Police arrested about 750 individuals in nationwide sex-trafficking sting operations in front of last year’s Super Bowl, the largest sweep since operations began 13 years previously.


The“single largest human trafficking incident” in the United States in 2011, this is largely a myth, academics and anti-trafficking campaigners said although the attorney general of Texas dubbed the Super Bowl. Continue reading