by Chaya Bhuvaneswar

*Chosen for addition within the 2019 most useful tiny Fictions anthology.

1. You not merely get seen erroneously as your children’s nanny, but also for the mean-looking, scarcely competent nanny, who can’t are able to smile straight back if the white woman behind you lined up smiles and asks the white-appearing young ones, “Are you young ones being good for your nanny?”

2. When your white spouse is just a liberal, your aspire to provide him and allow him take over you is an indicator of one’s wrong-headed, oppressive upbringing; and if he’s conservative, your only issue is which you think way too much.

3. If he’s Christian, you are wanted by him to understand which he respects your tradition totally. Just, think about it, it is Christmas time. Everybody celebrates Christmas time. Continue reading