By Kai Curry Northwest Asian Weekly

Media pictures associated with beauty in the wherein Beauty Lies event at Wing Luke Museum. (Picture by Kai Curry)

Where Beauty Lies, the exhibition that is newest at the Wing Luke Museum, assumes on the main topics beauty, especially when it comes to Asian Us citizens and Pacific Islanders (AAPI).

Just just What comprises beauty? Who determines what is stunning? Just how do societal requirements become part of ourselves and, amidst the signals we get all we realize our genuine selves around us, how do? Continue reading

I am aware, almost firsthand, of three tales. (not one of them are my tale, but we lived in proximity to all the three.) We have spent and met time along with of the partners. I shall connect their experiences ‘best’ to ‘worst.’

The very first tale is many ‘unlike’ a ‘mail-order’ situation. It involves a good-natured but bookish (computer-employed) guy, near to Stephen Tobolowsky in features and demeanor, who met a lady that is chinese-born long-distance communication circumstances. The woman relocated to your States (into the 1970s), a married relationship took place during or immediately after the period, plus an exotic-but-attractive son lead. Poetically, the lady that is chinese scouting around on her behalf two siblings’ behalf for prospective lovers — both sisters hitched likewise tech-employed US men (introduced via very very first cousin) over the following several years, and all sorts of three families purchased homes in identical Massachusetts neighbor hood ( perhaps maybe not instant next-door neighbors, but up/down the road), where they nevertheless reside to this day. Continue reading