After I had been working, I found out that I was lucky that one of the members of my team hadn’t interviewed me

Some will make a purchasing decision on what really matters; safety, performance, serviceability. Some will make a purchase based on “how many cup holders the car has”. The amenities,extra-curricular(s) and conversastion peice of “working for Google” is what keeps most working at Google.

Another, has bluetooth for your mobile phone, 10 cup holders, sexy looking instrument panel, premium sound system, DVD player and seat warmer but has poor gas mileage, poor performance, bad safety rating, expensive maintenance, etc

My bitterness is almost entirely because of sugar daddy louisiana my manager. He was in my orientation group in Mt. View and seemed like a good egg at the time. Just as Google can be a great place for the software engineer to do great work unencumbered, it’s also possible for a manger to be a complete jerk unencumbered. Tho the other members of the group (that didn’t leave sooner) thought that they could put up with anything to work at Google they did notice my manager’s particular irrationality when dealing with me. There were only two days of my six months there that I didn’t dread going to work. My manager made sure that no other manager would talk to me and as soon as the head of the office left town he tried to put me on a PIP. Life is too short to deal with jerks so I felt I had no choice but to leave. I do believe that I could have really enjoyed myself at the home office or with a different manager, etc. Continue reading